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Be Free From “Me” Vedanta Notes eBook for download at $5.99.
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Description of the eBook:
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Print Length: 589 pages
Just how to live your life? Everybody sooner or later comes to crossroads where the path of life divides and you must turn one way or another. This book is based on the timeless wisdom of Vedanta, ancient Indian spiritual jewel, that leads you to examine who you are, who God is, and what the world is. In a systematic and down-to-earth manner, Vedanta questions all your taken-for-granted assumptions so that you can see for yourself what has not worked in your life so far.

This book starts out with basic facts but it quickly dives deeply in life
s fundamental paradoxes. It is a kind of quick guide for serious students who are keen on exploring those issues as a means of finding solution from suffering and lifes complexities. The ultimate goal is to find the knowledge that frees you from further dependence and feelings of inadequacy and lack.

This book is based on traditional Vedanta and it is written by Vedanta students, Paul and Carol Bahder, in the tradition of Swami Dayananda, who is the world
s foremost Vedanta authority. Use of Sanskrit words written in parentheses after English allows the reader to effortlessly learn technical language, if he or she wishes to. It is a Vedanta reference that invites to be visited over and over again.

Vedanta is an ancient teachings based on 4000 year proven technology on how to be happy. It is suitable for the sincere seeker who has found frustration and lack of results in previous spiritual endeavors. It is not an easy path but one that yields results and leads to liberation from the disappointment-grief-confusion-and-suffering cycle.
This teaching is based on the analysis of your experience and invites you to discover who you are. See other articles on this website which are taken from the Be Free From “Me” Vedanta Notes eBook.